We live, We Learn


We, as human beings, live our life often seeking answers. What is our purpose?  Why is this happening to me? How do I know that I am on the right path?

To tell you the truth, I am in the same boat as some of you. Being in my 20’s maybe my “prime” but it is by far more confusing than any other stage in my life so far.

Here are some things I am starting to realize:

1. My body isn’t being a bitch, I am just not treating it as my temple.

I am not 14 anymore. I cannot eat Sweet Chili chicken wings at midnight and expect it to magically not go to my thighs, or worse, my chin! Do NOT take your body for granted. I did, and now it is so much harder to bounce back.

On that note: Every body type is beautiful, and physical appearance doesn’t always determine whether one is healthy or not. As a plus sized woman, I am not trying to be thin. Yet, I am aware that my back aches when I am laying down, my ankles hurt when I run, and I do NOT like it. Keeping your heart healthy, your organs, your brain is very important. Be kind to your body. You can be thick, without eating toxic food.

2. Protect your wellbeing.

I used to let everyone walk all over me. I would always be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, or I would stick around people that did not treat me the way I wanted to be treated.

It is OKAY to defend yourself for the the sake of your wellbeing. Being overly passive can eventually throw you over the edge. Quit being a hero, your happiness matters too.

3. It is also okay to change.

You probably noticed by now, that years do not determine the level of friendship. People do come and go. We grow up and that sometimes causes friendships to grow apart with it. You are completely different person at 25, than you were at 20. Same goes for 29 than you were at 25, and so on. Seems like small gaps, but so much can happen within few years. It is completely normal!

4. Live in the moment.

And I do not exactly mean go crazy, and start jumping off airplanes and cliffs. Just appreciate the now. Don’t get caught up in the past, and try to have faith in the future.

5. Be yourself.

I know all my facts kind of tie together in one, but that is indeed my point. Get to know yourself. Learn to love yourself. Damn, I am still learning. Remember to respect yourself, and that will make others respect you. Be open-minded, kind, and as for the rest… Do YOU!

How many followers you have does not determine your worth, or how many friends (especially how many likes). ❤

You are beautiful.








“Secretly we’re all a little more absurd than we make ourselves out to be.”

-J.K. Rowling

The first question I asked myself is why. Why would someone, who spends over an hour just figuring out a topic to a college paper, would want to start a blog. l laugh at myself thinking,

“Am I a fucking loon?”

Yet, I feel the sweet sense of freedom as I type away my first sentences. Did you feel it too? When you started, I mean. Are we getting to know each other right now? This is so strange, wouldn’t you agree?

If I triggered even slight curiosity in you at this point, I will keep it simple and sweet from here.

I go by Mari. I am twenty-three. I cannot predict where my mind will take me on this page, but hopefully you will tag along. ❤